Your lifetime of healthy sleep starts tonight.
At San Diego Sleep Medicine we can help you wake up to a happier, healthier day. By ensuring a good night’s sleep, you can obtain optimal physical health and mental clarity. The benefits are apparent the next day. You'll enjoy improved energy, intellectual function and emotional balance. Our motto "Your lifetime of healthy sleep begins tonight." means immediate results.

Located in La Jolla, California, San Diego Sleep Medicine is a specialty medical center. We offer the safest and most effective medically proven solutions for all sleep disorders including snoring,insomnia, sleep apnea, childrens' sleep disorders , and daytime sleepiness. We provide specialized treatment for narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, and circadian rhythm disorders.
Ambien, ativan, klonopin, phentermine, provigil, soma, tramadol, valium, xanax.
By integrating natural therapies with the traditional Western approach, we can help you improve your own sleep-wake cycle. We look forward to coordinating your treatment with your current ongoing healthcare.

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